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We have been in the Antique Business over 30 years. We're always on the look out for that special piece that needs a home after being stored away in some closet, attic, basement, or garage for decades. It's always exciting to see our customer's eyes light up when they find that "one thing" they just have to have.

What a privilege we have to help preserve a little bit of our country's wonderful history through reviving antiques that each have a history of their own and have played important roles in living the American Story.

Whether it's furniture or a tool from the farm or ranch, a painting of the American West, a vintage doll, or a prized belt buckle won for roping in a small town rodeo - our lives are intertwined with our ancestors and family through what they used or cherished over the years. It's not just the lines on our face that tell the story of who we are and where we've been.

Come discover a peacefulness and rest in our little nook of the world we call Shiloh Antiques and Collectables. We hope you'll enjoy the visit and you're always welcome to browse and reminisce.


Kayleen and Howard

Just a little bit about us

Kayleen & Howard Carter
Shiloh... a place of rest
What a gift to live at the base of Pikes Peak, one of God's beautiful, majestic mountains
in Colorado Springs. Join us and escape to Shiloh Antiques and Collectables,
also nestled next to the mountain.
We hope your visit will be refreshing and a blessing.
See you soon!
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